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Women's jewelry includes jewelry for children and young ladies as well. Jewelry includes earrings, bangles and necklaces. Rings will be added soon! Jewelry consultations are available  with purchase to design your exclusive jewelry.

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  • Orange Burst
  • Peace
  • Purple Round
  • Queen
  • Round: Rose Gold Shimmer
  • Slotted Donuts
  • Teardops: Brown Abstract Lines
  • Teardrops: Brown Abstract
  • Teardrops: Brown w/Lines & Dots
  • Teardrops: Gray w/Lines
  • Teardrops: Green Abstract
  • Teardrops: Pink w/Curves
  • Teardrops: Pink w/Dots
  • Teardrops: Pink w/Lines
  • Teardrops: Rose Gold w/Curves
  • Teardrops: Rose Gold w/Lines