Celebrating Alopecia Awareness Month With Shades of Blue

Copper Cohens, along with Shades of Blue: Alopecia Awareness, is celebrating Alopecia Awareness ALL September long!

I am more than the creative artist, I also serves as an advocate for Alopecia Awareness. Alopecia is near and dear me because I have Alopecia (since 9 years old). To read my journey, please click here https:// www.shadesofblueaa.com.

In honor of Alopecia Awareness Month, we're having a sale!

While you're here, please follow Shades of Blue: Alopecia Awareness on FB & IG.

How To Chose Your Custom Jewelry:

Because jewelry design includes very intricate details, a free 15 minute jewelry consultation phone call and/or video call is required for custom jewelry orders.

During your consultation, I will ask a series of detailed questions: from skin allergies to your color choices to a date of order completion, etc.

Click the header "Schedule Jewelry Consultation Here" to schedule your consultation.

Here's how to shop for your custom jewelry:

1. On this page, go to Collections. Choose "Earrings & Things".

2. In the "Earrings & Things" collection, there are a variety of shapes & sizes of earrings. There are several items that are already designed however, you may still choose shape you desire.

3. Add those pieces to your cart and finish your transaction.

There will several payment options & installments to choose from.

I look forward to being your personal jewelry designer.